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As a Missing Animal Response Technician (MAR) I have studied the behavior of lost animals based on characteristics of each individual pet.  MAR services mirror the same investigative techniques, technologies, and strategies that police detectives and search-and-rescue technicians use to solve missing persons investigations.  This includes the use of CSI-type techniques, such as the application of deductive reasoning, search probability theory, deception detection, behavioral profiling to predict distances that lost pets travel, and utilization of high-tech equipment (search cameras, amplified listening devices, and humane traps). In addition, I’m trained on how to collect and analyze physical evidence, how to use presumptive blood testing to analyze suspected kill sites, and how to identify wildlife tracks and scat (i.e. coyote droppings, owl pellets, etc.)

Cat Detection dogs do not require a scent article (scent of the lost cat) Harley will alert on any (and every) cat that is in the search area, we can work all lost cat cases, including multi-cat households where there is no clean scent article available. When an outdoor cat disappears, the missing cat's scent will be heavily concentrated in a giant scent pool within the entire search area, making it impossible to follow a scent trail--which is what trailing dogs are trained to do. Just like other detection dogs (drug detection dogs, bomb dogs, etc.), Harley will be given a simple command and will search and react when he detects the slightest scent of any cat, during the course of the search if he finds the wrong cat, we simply tell him "Good dog--find another!" and immediately he will resume the search for your cat.

Our team may not find your missing cat but we can at least eliminate areas your cat isn't hiding, letting us know where we need to intensify our search efforts. The sight of us in your neighborhood and the interaction brought by neighbors will “open” their eyes and the possibility of sightings will be far greater.

Small breeds offer certain advantages when conducting cat searches, in that they can be used to check underneath decks, porches and to crawl underneath houses. 

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