Time can play a major factor when your pet goes missing. Most lost pet cases are solved within the first 72 hours.

Most cases can be solved with a Profiling Session, even when your pet has been missing for weeks.
A typical consultation takes about 2 hours. We will go over you pet's temperament and how that plays a factor in displaced pet behavior. See our services page for more information.

Either call or email me to request help. I will then email you a Lost Cat Information form and we will schedule services accordingly.

I check my emails frequently during the day.

Please leave a message as I am often doing consultations or out on searches.

We are not a licensed private detective service. If you believe your pet has been stolen please contact your local police department.

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Donations will be used towards helping those who have lost a pet but are unable to afford services due to the current economical times. Proceeds from donations will toward Dachshund rescue, Seattle Pet Hunters or other charitable causes.

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