Small breeds offer certain advantages when conducting cat searches. They can be used to check underneath decks, porches and to crawl under houses. 

You've heard of search and rescue for lost people.†Did you know that there are Missing Animal Response teams to help you find your lost pets, located in Bothell I'm the first MAR Technician practicing in Washington State. At Lost Pet Resources we understand your feelings towards your pets. When they go missing itís like losing a member of your family. Most pets do not come home on their own, and their guardians give up after a couple of weeks Ö this is a big mistake.

Our services are specialized towards lost cats, establishing behavior patterns and targeting search areas. Time plays a major factor in reuniting you with your lost pet. By setting up a Profiling Session you will be able to understand what your cat is going through during the time it is missing. Based on your cats behavior, we will be able to determine how they will react during the instinctual stages that every cat goes through. Our Phone Consultation/Profiling Session lasts approximately 2 hours. After our consultation you will be able to look for your lost cat with "new eyes" and the proper understanding to help them come home. 

During our Profiling Session we will discuss using Harley, our cat detection dog. Since cats are known to hide in silence, Harley will not only determine where your cat may be hiding, but will also assist in eliminating the probable areas your cat may be (saving valuable time). With displaced cats, using a "search dog" is not always the best tool to bring them home.

Lost Pet Resources will use every available resource to bring your pet home. I care about you and your missing family member and am here to help. Visit our Testimonial page to see a few of those that I've helped and supported.  

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When people see a cat, unlike with a dog, they rarely stop and "rescue" it. They imagine that it's either someone's indoor/outdoor pet or that it's feral. Your pet is out there and we are here to help you bring them home.
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